Prónay castle
Buildings at Prónay Mansion await their guests: the renovated period style Big and Small Residences; the Hotel building designed from the former Manor House and the newly built Bath House. The mansion is primarily available for exclusive business and private events, so that the full complexity is exclusively in the customer’s use. Prónay Mansion and the newly built Conference- and Event Centre are ideal for representative business occasions, weddings or other family and social gatherings. The four-star Prónay Mansion and welcomes its guests with comfortable apartments and double rooms. While bathing in the Bath ...
Forgách Castle
Enjoy the historical elegance of the Forgách Mansion with the contemporary modern services.The late Baroque style Masion was owned by Forgách family from 1750 to 1945, so our hotel preserve their memory too. In subsequent years, like the vast majority of Hungary’s castles it has become „public prey”, everything what could be moved, has been taken or damaged. Besides of its walls nothing remained in the mansion. It has regained impressive appearance by 2015. The building is surrounded with a park in a pleasant atmosphere. It has exclusive rooms, restaurant, conference hall and its wellness services await ...
Luby Castle
The castle was built by Geza Luby between 1877-79.The Classicist style, multy-storey building and the surrounding gorgeus rose garden was unique and rare in Szatmar county. Following a long history of ownership change, after 1949 the building was uninhabited for a while than operated its doors as a primary school.After long years of uninhabitation the reconstruction of the ruined castle started in 2010 and lasted for 2 years.The work not only concentrated on preserving the authentical building style, but – following the dreams of the first owner and builter of Geza Luby – a richer and a more compelling building complex was ...
Szidónia Manor House
In the mid-18th Century 25 serfs and 5 cotter house were in Röjtök. They were owned by the Felsőbüki Nagy family. The quotation dates from 1799, the estate is the "jewel in the form of storey mansion."In the XVI. Century the Castle only consisted of ground-floor building, built on the estate Nagyerdő with area of ​​3,414 cadastral jutaro. In 1750 it was rebuilt in a romantic and classical style castle. The Double-wing main building has created conditions for the emergence of a large courtyard in the shape of U. The monotony is interrupted by pillared arcades. The park had originally an area of ​​8 ...
Almásy Mansion in Gyula
Following the reduction of the territory occupied by the Ottoman Empire, Baron Johann Georg Harruckern of Upper Austria was allowed to purchase almost the entire territory of Békés County from Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, the King of Hungary, in return for his services in the wars against the Ottomans. He set about intense repopulation in Békés County. A large number of Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans and Romanians arrived and settled in the county. The Harruckern family’s permanent residence was in Vienna. In accordance with the usual practice of the time, they had a mansion in town as well as a summer ...
Apponyi Manor
NOWDAYS A tiny castle hotel for only fifteen guests. A manor as a boutique hotel with 7 romms. Luxury of simplicity, discover ancient Hungary in our castle hotel. Stay as a guest on Count Apponyi s charming manor. Tradition and peaceful old harmony in Central Europe. You, our dearest Guest will start your time travelling now, it s going to feel as if you are in Dr. Count Apponyi s times. The Count s family was served by four members of staff, now you can enjoy that family atmosphere too! The authentic heritage Apponyi Manor lies on the edge of the small village of Medina. The hamlet is nestled amongst foothills with wild flower meadows ...
Castle Misefa
Looking for rest end relaxation? Let us recommend our 15-room, four-apartment guesthouse with sauna, solarium and fitness centre, library-salon, winter garden and terrace, in an environment with lower Alpine climate. Furthermore, the conference hall comes fully equipped offering all the services required by those who want to conduct meetings in a pleasant environment. Our guesthouse is truly the ideal location for meetings, family celebrations, business negotiations and courses. Misefa represents a paradise on earth for anglers and riders. The restaurant offers the very best in gastronomy, and the catering services are complemented by a ...
St. George Hotel*****
Introduction The St. George Hotel stands on a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Budavár or the Buda Castle Quarter. Towering above the city of Budapest, this site includes the Royal Palace, the historic old town and the Castle Hill boasting such attractions as the Fisherman s Bastion, Matthias Church and Holy Trinity Square. Within easy walking distance is the Museum of Military History, the National Archives of Hungary and the House of Hungarian Wines. Throughout the area are numerous shops, cafes and entertainment venues that will appeal to travellers of varied interests. The Castle district is regarded as the most representative ...
Széll Kálmán Castle Hotel****
Welcome to the Széll Kálmán Castle Hotel**** in Rátót! The Castle Hotel, located in a beautiful setting awaits you with its old tree park, wellnes area and exquisite kitchen! We can accomodate 21 person in luxurious surroundings. With its special mood, the Castle, which was built at the end of the 19th century, provides a perfect place for those who wish to find fresh air, relaxation and some peace from the monotonicity of the weekdays. In the neighbourhood of the Széll Kálmán Castle you will find Vas counties justly famous landscape: the Őrség. With its uniqe quailities in ...
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In such moments, our imagination begins to work and figures out, how it might have been to live in these magnificient buildings, to stroll and have a rest in the verdant parks. In some of the castles this experience has been made possible again.

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