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„Where the walls can tell stories...” 

When travelling across Hungary’s landscapes, here and there one can stumble on fabulous castles and manour houses, witnesses of an extinct age, which might have been better and more peaceful.

In such moments, our imagination begins to work and figures out, how it might have been to live in these magnificient buildings, to stroll and have a rest in the verdant parks. In some of the castles this experience has been made possible again. 

The Hungarian Castle Hotels Association has a selection of such castles flourishing again among its members on the entire territory of the country. There are smaller and bigger ones, in hidden villages and towns, embraced by verdant parks, on hillsides and in historic towns. 

The CastleCard program offers a particular opportunity to those wishing to get acquainted with one or more castle hotels and to benefit of the exclusive advantages provided by the CastleCard. 

Each member hotel of the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association is ambitious to live up to the traditions of the famous Hungarian hospitality. Each of these castles aims to fully satisfy the guests’ needs, but in different ways: Our castles are at least three stars hotels. Most of them take pride in the traditional Hungarian cuisine in their elegant restaurants, in which meals characteristic to the region are served. Several castles own a wine cellar of high standard and have their own wines, or even a winery. Some offer various wellness services, spa or even health rehabilitation services. Moreover, there are other recreational possibilities as well: concerts, „dance houses” (traditonal folk music and dances), presentation of ancient crafts, Renaissance carnivals, just to mention a few...  

We are looking forward to host you in our castle hotels, where the walls really can tell stories... 


With my best regards
Eszter Gulyás
Hungarian Castle Hotels Association

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