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Each member hotel of the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association is ambitious to live up to the traditions of the famous Hungarian hospitality. Each of these castles aims to fully satisfy the guests? needs, but in different ways: Our castles are at least three stars hotels. Most of them take pride in the traditional Hungarian cuisine in their elegant restaurants, in which meals characteristic to the region are served.

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Our qualitative guidelines:

The member hotel provides the highest possible quality of service within its category and strictly follows the rules of HCHA’s “Do’s and don’ts” supplement. (HCHA=Hungarian Castle Hotels Association)

The member hotel undertakes the following:
- takes part in the general meeting of HCHA and in the training organized by HCHA at least once a year.
- places HCHA’s logo on every printed promotional and communication material
- places HCHA’s and HHE’s logos on its website, linking to the respective association’s own websites.
- places HCHA and HHE pamphlets at the reception and in the rooms. 
- informs guests at the reception about the cultural and historical programs of the region.
- takes part in all HCHA programs, which are organized for all member hotels (CastleCard, CastleVoucher, CastleGuide, etc.)

Castle room
The term “Castle room” (or “Castle suite”) may only be used for rooms that are situated in an original castle or monument building and not in newly attached or rebuilt parts (like an attic).  Rooms situated in buildings or wings younger than 100 years cannot be called “Castle rooms”. 

Guest room
In its publications (price list, website, etc.), the member hotel separates “Castle rooms” from other types of rooms. These rooms have to be indicated as a different room category (eg. “guest room” or “tourist room”). Guests should be duly informed about the type of room they get. 

When giving the total quantity of rooms, two numbers have to be indicated, eg. 14+8. (The first number refers to the number of “Castle rooms”, the second for the “Guest rooms” – attic, basement, separate building, separate wing, etc.). 

The observance of these rules is regularly controlled by the board. The board can also overrule its previous decision of accepting a new member to the association in case of a change in the service level or a renovation of the member hotel. Significant reconstructions have to be reported in writing to the board. In this case the board checks the observance of the requirements and decides upon an eventual quality advice.

Member admission process

- The leader (owner or manager) of the castle hotel enquiring about membership fills in and signs the “Admission sheet”, thereby expressing their intention of joining HCHA. (The “admission sheet” can be demanded at the info@hungariancastlehotels.hu email address)

- A representant of the board visits the castle hotel, then reports to the board in written and makes a proposal about the admission of the member.

- The application fee (from 2012) covers the costs of the admission inspection, and has to be paid by the applicant at the time of application – before the inspection. The application fee is 50,000 HUF + VAT. Furthermore, the applicant bears all eventual lodging and dining costs that should incur during the inspection. Paying an application fee does not guarantee the admission of the member. In case of a successful admission process the net sum is deducted of the entrance fee.

- The board decides about the admission of the member, and eventually determines the necessary changes to be made by the applicant.

- A one-time entrance fee is required to be paid at the time of admission, which is 50% of the annual fee.

- Admission of new members is possible throughout the whole year. If the board decides about the admission of a new member in the first half of the year, the total annual fee is due. Should this decision happen in the second half of the year though, only the monthly proportional part of the annual fee has to be paid (counting from the month of admission until the end of the year). 

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The CastleCard program offers a particular opportunity to those wishing to get acquainted with one or more castle hotels and to benefit of the exclusive advantages provided by the CastleCard.

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