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Each member hotel of the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association is ambitious to live up to the traditions of the famous Hungarian hospitality. Each of these castles aims to fully satisfy the guests? needs, but in different ways: Our castles are at least three stars hotels. Most of them take pride in the traditional Hungarian cuisine in their elegant restaurants, in which meals characteristic to the region are served.

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Hungarian Castle Hotels Association

The Hungarian Castle Hotels Association was registered on December 12th, 2007. Before its foundation it had been operating as the castle hotel section within the Hungarian Hotels Association. The year 2010 brought significant changes to the life of the Association, because the members elected a new board. As first steps the new board changed the visual corporate identity, introduced the homepage, the CastleCard and the expression “union” to more up-to-date components and expressions that better suit the Castles. The new  board established the Hungarian Castle Hotels Public Benefit Association, or as it’s briefly called, the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association. It comprises 13 castles, 2 natural persons and 12 official partners at the moment. 

Objectives and goals of the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association:

  • To conserve, cherish and show the cultural heritage related to chateaux, castles, manor houses and historic buildings
  • To reveal and widely present the historical background
  • To promote the European integration process by revealing common historical roots
  • To seek utilization types that are appropriate to today’s needs and possibilities
  • Advocacy and professional representation of castle hotels in economic, legal and moral matters within Hungary and abroad

  Cultural activity:
  - Castle concerts
  Sustaining and cherishing cultural heritage:
  - Classical and folk music concerts, dance houses
  Sustaining and cherishing national monuments
  - Monuments day, Day of open castles

Members of the Board:
Mrs. Eszter Gulyás (Chairman) - Szidónia Manor House****
Ms. Csilla Horváth (Vice Chairman) - Apponyi Manor
Mrs. Katalin Kirchner (Secretary General) - H - Clean System Bt.
Mr. Ferenc Takács (Official Partner Relations) - Assur Kft. 
Mrs. Eszter Kocsis (Marketing Manager) - Luby Interactive Castle museum, Orangery and Antique Rose Garden

More Hungarian castle hotels have expressed their interest in the association and the membership, and as a result, the association has expanded with new members during the past years. But the prevailing board finds it important that the regulations put down in the charter are observed, and only those can belong to the Hungarian Castle Hotels Association that meet the requirements. So the members of the board proposed to encourage expansion, but not at all costs.


Further information:    
Hungarian Castle Hotels Association

E-mail: info@hungariancastlehotels.com

Eszter Gulyás (Chairman)                                                      
Tel.: +36/99/544-849

Csilla Horváth (Vice Chairman)

Katalin Kirchner (Secretary General)

Ferenc Takács (Official Partner Relations) 
Tel.: +36/30/952-9606

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